The feminist movement has come full circle: Now it’s MEN who are being objectified with suggestions that sex robots will make human males obsolete

Are real-life men on the verge of becoming “obsolete?” A professor from Harvard University seems to think so, as she recently made the suggestion that “male” sex robots of the future could offer women a plastic and metal alternative to an actual flesh and blood mate of the opposite sex.

According to Dr. Cathy O’Neil, females may soon prefer to live with “dashing menbots” as opposed to actual human men because these AI-like objects can be programmed to do house chores, for instance, or perform other tasks on command. And because they can also perform sex acts, Dr. O’Neil believes they might even be capable of outperforming real men.

These types of sex robots apparently already exist, and are sold for anywhere around $5,400 for an “inexpensive” model, to upwards of $15,700 for a more “deluxe” version with greater functionality. And while the current market for “sexbots” is currently dominated by men looking for “female” versions, Dr. O’Neil believes the tables are about to turn.

“I think it’s the men who should be worried” about being replaced by robots, not women, according to Dr. O’Neil. “It’s entirely possible that robots can outperform them. In the #MeToo age, I feel like raising standards is quite reasonable. It’s called for, in fact.”

Feminists want to have their cake and eat it, too

It’s not surprising that Dr. O’Neil would make a reference to the #MeToo movement in pushing women to purchase “male” sex robots. As you may have already figured out, the overblown sexual assault narrative is little more than a contrived and very thinly-veiled attack on men in general – the latest tactic of the modern-day feminist agenda to remove men from power and replace them with women.

But what’s particularly hypocritical about Dr. O’Neil’s suggestions is that they actually objectify men in the very same way that she and other feminists claim women are being objectified. By insisting that men are on the verge of becoming obsolete simply because sex robots can potentially do more housework than them without complaining is basically inferring that men are useless in society if they don’t give women everything they want.

The reverse of this would be to suggest that women are inherently useless unless they provide men with everything that they want – which we’ve all learned from liberals is “sexist” and “misogynistic.” But now that men are the targets, it’s apparently no big deal to minimize their usefulness as a sex, and suggest that they’re easily replaceable.

The irony is that many modern women have rejected the gender role that most men are looking for in a mate, hence why some have apparently turned to “female” sex robots (or other men). The modern-day feminist insists on being treated like a queen while being waited on hand and foot – and if she doesn’t get this, then she moves on to the next man.

This is evident whenever feminists screech about “toxic masculinity” while ignoring their own “toxic feminism.” The implication always seems to be that men are the aggressors and women are the victims, even though the data suggests otherwise.

According to the group “1in6,” at least one out of every six men has been sexually abused, either by another man or, yes, by a woman. It isn’t talked about much in the mainstream media, but male victims of sexual assault actually have it worse than female victims because many people have been programmed to think men can never be victims of anything.

“Conventional wisdom about sexual abuse limits and distorts people’s understanding about men’s needs, safety, and vulnerability when they’ve had a confusing or abusive sexual experience,” the group notes.

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